Download Apktool M v2.4.0-210618 (Antisplit on Android) Apk

Apktool M v2.4.0-210618 (Antisplit on Android)

Download Apktool M MOD APK

Apktool M – decompilation and compilation of Android® installation packages (* .apk), including system applications.

Translation of applications, including in automatic mode (more than 100 languages ​​are supported).

Manage installed applications.

Customizable text editor with syntax highlighting and hints, with the ability to view the source java code, with the ability to import your own code highlighting themes.

Convenient file manager with many functions.

Working with different types installation files – * .apk, * .apks, * .xapk, * .apkm.

Antisplit – merging Android App Bundle (split) into one installation file, as well as installing and extracting such files.

Create your own signature and sign applications.

Quick editing of the application name, package name (cloning the application), application icon, and more, without the need to rebuild.

Root rights are not required.

Apktool M app is completely free, it is supported on older devices since Android 4.0 and does not contain any ads or analytics.

Attention! Some applications after processing by the “Antisplit” function may partially not work or may not work at all!

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