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AOL Desktop Gold

AOL stands for America Online which is an online service provider and a web portal. It is a brand marketed by Oath and a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. AOL Desktop Gold is an all in one desktop that is used for emailing, web browsing, IM conversations etc. AOL Desktop Gold combines all the things you love and enjoy about AOL with the speed and reliability of the latest technology. In AOL Gold you can now customize your font and email options, bookmark your favorite websites, export and import your emails and other data to a file that can be easily copied to another computer. It also provides a chat room where users can talk about their interests. One of the most prominent features of AOL Desktop Gold is the anti-phishing and premium security benefits. Through AOL Gold users can now navigate the AOL world seamlessly through its faster and secure customer experience field.

AOL Desktop Gold Features

AOL Desktop Gold has some unique features and functions that are vital for the security of its user’s information and data. Some of these unique features are mentioned below:

  • Automatic updates: this feature detects any required system updates and does it automatically without letting the users update manually.
  • Premium security: desktop Gold’s security features ensure safe browsing on the web and alerts its users when they visit any dangerous website.
  • Anti-key logging technology: this feature masks or disguises your keystrokes to prevent criminals from trying to steal valuable data or information while you’re signed into desktop gold.
  • Updated web browsers: the updated browser can shield you from dangerous malware. It saves your favorite toolbars and websites.
  • Play games on AOL Desktop: AOL Desktop Gold users can now play games like poker, blackjack etc. and a variety of other games from its online game selection.

How to Download AOL Desktop Gold

There are many users who get confused at the time of downloading a software. Same is the case with AOL Desktop Gold. It is known to all that this excellent software is supported on both Windows and Mac Operating system.

Steps to download AOL Desktop Gold on Windows

  1. Open the File explorer on your desktop task bar.
  2. Go to the ‘downloads’ folder.
  3. Click on the ‘install_AOL_desktop icon.
  4. Click run and select install now.

Steps to download AOL Desktop Gold on Mac

  1. Open your browser. Log in to your AOL account.
  2. Visit the official site and click on products and services. Under this select AOL desktop for mac.
  3. Select the download now option. Click on it and download AOL to your Mac.
  4. Click on the downloaded file and choose Continue.
  5. Click continue after reading the license agreement and chose agree to install.
  6. click install and fill in the credentials. Close the dialogue box. Your AOL Desktop Gold will now be installed in your mac.

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