Download Aol Shield Pro

AOL Shield is a web-based browser optimized for users using dial-up connections or older operating systems. It also has AOL Pro which is optimized for broadband connections and newer operating systems. It provides security and protection with an arsenal of advanced security features in order to safeguard users from online threats. AOL Shield Pro is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 and it is not compatible with mobiles devices or tablets. AOL shield Pro also requires Intel Pentium 4 processor or later that is SSE2 capable. The other requirements for AOL Shield Pro are:

  • 1024×768 or higher screen resolution.
  • 512 MB of RAM, 350 MB of free disk space.
  • Internet required to download

Brilliant Traits of AOL Shield Pro

AOL Shield Pro has many amazing and advanced security features that all together boost the reputation and popularity of AOL Shield Pro among other browser protection software. Some of these features are explained below:

  • Anti-keylogging: This feature provides real-time encryption that protects or hides what the users enter or type in keyboards from potential threats like hackers.
  • Screengrab protection: It prevents malware from taking pictures of your monitor screen while entering sensitive data or information.
  • Block scam websites: This feature prevents loading or opening of scam websites so that the users don’t get tricked into revealing personal details and information.
  • Familiar look and feel: This browser protection software is based on the Chromium browser framework, so the features and look are quite familiar to Chrome but with an added security feature. It supports almost all extensions, Apps and Themes.
  • Anti-phishing: This feature helps users from data theft. It moves phishing websites to blacklist folders to prevent the users from accidentally accessing unwanted emails or ads.

Aol Shield Pro Issues

The above points are the features that AOL shield has to offer to its users or customers. These features are on a different level as compared to other browser protection software. But this does not mean that it is without any flaws. Like many other software programs, AOL Shield Pro also has its fair share of problems and issues which are faced by users on a regular interval of the time period. Although these issues are few, yet it is a huge hindrance to Pro users and customers. The issues are explained below:

  • Sometimes the anti-keylogging feature comes in the way of users while they try to watch videos in full-screen
  • Sometimes while trying to use or log in to Facebook through AOL Shield Pro, customers are interrupted by a dark grey screen.

Installing AOL Shield Pro

One problem, apart from the two that have been mentioned above, that customers also face is the problem of downloading and installing AOL Shield Pro. This may seem easy to most of you but to some, this is a major obstacle they have to face before using it. So the steps to be taken to download and install AOL Shield pro are:

  • Sometimes the anti-keylogging feature comes in the way of users while they try to watch videos in full-screen
  • Sometimes while trying to use or log in to Facebook through AOL Shield Pro, customers are interrupted by a dark grey screen.
Steps for Installing Aol shield Pro

step 1

Open your browser and go to

step 2

After that go to products and services and click on AOL shield browser.

step 3

On the downloading page, click the blue ‘download for free’ button.

step 4

In the bottom left click the downloaded ‘AOL shield pro install file’.

step 5

When prompted ‘do you want to allow this app to make changes to your pc’ click yes

step 6

On the pop-up window click Next.

step 7

On the license and agreement window click ‘I agree’.

step 8

On the configuration set up screen click ‘install’.

step 9

After the installation process, click ‘finish’.

step 10

To finish the installation process it is necessary to reboot your computer. On the windows box that says reboot your computer click ‘yes’

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Frequently asked Questions

How do I hide or remove the anti-keylogging window?

To hide or remove the anti-keylogging window you need to:

  • Click the menu button.
  • Go to settings.
  • Under appearance, uncheck the ‘show enhanced security scrambler window’ box.
  • Restart AOL Shield Pro.

How do I set my home page in AOL Shield Pro?

  • Click the menu button and go to settings.
  • Under appearance, check the ‘show home button’ box. And click ‘change’ link.
  • On the box, click the circle next to ‘open this page’ and type in the URL you would like to set as your home page.
  • Click ‘ok’ to save settings.

How to clear browser history in AOL Shield Pro?

  • Open the menu. Move the cursor to ‘more tools’ and click ‘clear browsing data’.
  • Select the checkboxes for the types of browsing information you want to remove.
  • Click the drop-down menu and select the amount of data you want to be deleted.
  • Click ‘clear browsing data’.

How does AOL Shield Pro help keep me secure online?

AOL Shield Pro keeps users or customers safe online through the following:

  • Anti-phishing.
  • Advanced security protection.
  • Malware protection