What to do When AOL Desktop Gold does not Respond?

What to do When AOL Desktop Gold does not Respond?

The problem of an unresponsive AOL desktop Gold software is very common but it isn’t as severe as other problems that exist. This is a manageable type of problem and you just need to know some basic and simple steps and methods to solve this. The software is unable to respond maybe because its software is outdated, it has compatibility issues or maybe because of internet connectivity issues. Whatever the reason may be the steps involved are the same for each of the case. So if you want to know how each reason leads to the problem of ‘AOL gold not responding’, you may ask the representatives at AOL customer service and they will give you a comprehensive detail about each cause or reason.

Usually, when this problem happens you need to start with the basic solutions, and only when it fails to work, you can go ahead and start with the more advanced steps or method. So given below are two methods you can try, one basic and one advanced.

Method 1: Check the strength of your network connection

  • Go to the control panel on your computer and select ‘network and sharing’ and on the new window, choose ‘change your network settings’ and under this, click on ‘troubleshoot problems’.
  • After that, click on ‘internet connections’ to fix the connectivity problem. Once you are done, you need to troubleshoot the Ethernet, wireless and other network adapters by clicking on ‘network adapters’.

If this does not solve the issue, proceed to the next method.

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Method 2: check for Desktop Gold’s source files

  • Click on the AOL gold icon in the system tray and open ‘properties’.
  • In the dialog box, check for the desired file and copy the URL.
  • Now paste the copied link on your browser (internet explorer) and verify the availability of the software files.
  • If you see that there are no available files, delete the icon.
  • Now open the C drive and search for the AOL gold folder. Under this, examine the icon and see if it is working, if it is, you need to create a shortcut on the desktop screen.

Note: Before you download AOL Desktop Gold, make sure that the computer has all the system requirements of the software.

So the above-mentioned methods are what you need in order to resolve the problem. If you have further problems or technical difficulties you can call the customer service of AOL.

How to Fix AOL Desktop Update Error?

How to Fix AOL Desktop Update Error?

AOL desktop gold is a very comprehensive and reliable desktop software but it undergoes a lot of error and problems. One very common problem is the update error that causes a lot of distress to customers. This problem is caused by factors like ‘outdated versions of AOL mail application, AOL mail IMAP setting, antivirus issues, internet issues, etc.’ So if you want to prevent this error from happening in the future, make sure that you regularly check for updates and the settings and your security software. This problem can be solved by applying some AOL gold troubleshooting steps but it should be done before the issue gets too serious.

There are many ways through which you can resolve this error. And here are some of the most effective methods you can use to fix the update error in desktop gold.

Method 1: You need to run a virus scan

A lot of the time complications and errors arise due to the existence of viruses in your system and this can cause your computer to act abnormally leading to many types of the problem including update issues. So it is necessary that you conduct a full virus scan of your computer.

Method 2: Check your internet connection

Slow or weak internet connections can lead to many irregularities in software and programs that are installed on your computer. So make sure that your internet connection is strong and fast.

Method 3: Clear the browser history and the cache from your desktop gold

Too many caches and histories in the browser of your software can cause unnecessary traffic and this can lead to errors in software updates. So routinely clean your junks, caches, and history from the browser.

Method 4: Uninstall and reinstall the software

If you are using an updated version of desktop gold, try uninstalling and installing the software again, sometimes this method helps a lot in the case of update errors.

By applying or executing the methods listed above you can now easily update AOL Desktop Gold without any hindrances or complications. It is necessary to try all the steps to see which of the following works best for you. If none of the above helps then you should get in touch with the customer service of AOL.

How to Install AOL Desktop Gold for MAC?

How to Install AOL Desktop Gold for MAC?

AOL Gold is the premium version of an easy to use a desktop which helps the user to have a comfortable browsing and mailing experience without compromising with the security features that comes with this. This website based software comprises of media player, web browser and many other useful applications.

This desktop is very useful when it comes to MAC users. It helps them to reduce the complications of the usability while typing a mail or browsing on a search engine. Moreover AOL Gold for MAC is very easy to download and install.

After you download AOL desktop Gold in your MAC, you will experience the boosted speed and efficient working of the laptop. Although we have been talking about this browser working wonders on MAC still the biggest problem lies in to install it in the device because Apple has always been very confined in the applications and browser used by the customers on their products. But AOL is one of those applications that can work just fine.

Steps to Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold for MAC

Step 1: Just open the browser you are currently using.
Step 2: Then log into your account on AOL.
Step 3: Click on the download button once you have opened the official website of AOL gold.
Step 4: Choose the MAC option when a dialogue box will pop-up asking your OS.
Step 5: Just click on the downloaded icon of the desktop and read the agreement or license.
Step 6: After agreeing to the terms and condition just fill in the username and password.

Completing all these steps successfully you can use the AOL Gold for MAC. When you are getting so many benefits in just one browser, there is no reason as to why one should not use it.

And once you are done with downloading AOL desktop Gold as well as the installation part. Your next experience with your device will include:

  • An automatic update to all the applications and services provided by the software.
  • A better security to your MAC.
  • Transferring your data from your older version to the new ones is easy.
  • The provisions of imports and exports of the favorites.
  • An enhanced overall speed.

These benefits in just one software are more than great to be real. So just get this software now and eliminate all the hassles and lags from both your MacBook as well as your life.