Download Avataria – social life & fashion in virtual world v3.36.0 (Last Update) Apk

Avataria - social life & fashion in virtual world v3.36.0 (Last Update)

Download Avatar Life – fun, love & games in virtual world! MOD APK

Avataria – social life & fashion in virtual world – social RPG, full much users. The gameplay resembles that in a series of games “Sims”. First you need to configure the appearance of the main character to your liking. Change the color of the skin and eyes, and hairstyle. Next, you need to equip your living space, buy furniture, clothing and other items.

Welcome new acquaintances. You can find your friends, going to cafes, Nightclubs and other places of mass events. Communication with them occurs via special chat rooms. In the game you can invite your friends. So improve social connections, which makes the project realistic.

To have a steady income, you need to get a job. In the game there are quests for which performance awards are issued. The reward could be a new clothing, furnishings and other things.

Graphic design done at a good level. There are some stutters that are regularly corrected with patches from the developers. The background soundtrack features a large number of musical compositions that do not have time to get bored. Avataria – social life & fashion in virtual world is a good representative of the genre of social role-playing games, where you can live a rich virtual life.

Play, chat, fall in love!💕
Our game does not endorse virtual sex, does not provide porn content, and is not an 18+ game. Our game was created for entertainment purposes only for people 13 years of age and older.

👗 Choose your personal style from over 800 clothing pieces.
💄 Experiment with over 400 appearance elements, such as hair, eyes, lips, etc.
😜 Change your looks depending on your mood at any time!

🛀 Choose from more than 1500 furniture pieces.
🏡 Try out ready-made design options.
⚡Get access to the VIP room to restore your avatar’s energy in a matter of minutes.

👩Find new friends in Avatar Life or bring your real-life friends.
😏Have fun, flirt, give and receive gifts.
💘Start relationships; become friends, best buddies, a couple, or even rivals with anyone.
⭐Compete for the title of the brightest one in Avatar Life and be rewarded for it.

⛱️Have fun, walk in a park, go to a nightclub, a café, or a beauty shop.
💰Choose a job to your liking and earn game currency.
🎉Throw a wild party in your apartment, treat your friends with drinks, and dance through the night.
🍰Don’t hold back and throw a cake in someone’s face!

Your new life and friends are waiting for you in Avatar Life! Download now for free!

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