Download Last Empire-War Z v1.0.342 v1.0.344 (Last Update) + Obb Apk

Last Empire-War Z v1.0.342 v1.0.344 (Last Update) + Obb

Download Last Empire – War Z: Strategy MOD APK

Last Empire-War Z – the multiplayer strategy game that allows you to feel in a world completely plunged into darkness after the Apocalypse. The streets were filled with crowds of bloodthirsty undead, and those who are not infected, desperately trying to survive. The player will lead one of the groups of survivors and try not to give walking dead to kill himself.

Create your own impregnable base, which will collect supplies and weapons. The game gives almost complete freedom of action. Your team can create great alliances and to enter into various alliances to try to capture the last remnants of weapons and food, and may try to capture other players bases to establish absolute dominance.

All actions in the game take place in real time. You have the opportunity to monitor current progress of the battles taking place in various places around the world. Many varieties of the living dead also will not get bored. In the game Last Empire-War Z presents a unique opportunity to become famous as a peacemaker, and to join the ranks of zombies.

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